Thursday, December 2, 2010

~A new day with new drinks~

Wooooooo~! We had ppl from UCSI show us how to make awesome drinks that we'll never regret!!!! :D

I loved it soooo much till I decided to try them out at home~! :DD

The first one they showed us was some mint flavored drink~ It was soooo damn delicious~

Alrite enuf of the empty talks and letme show u the drinks it's rely awesome~

It looks awesome btw it's mint leaves in case u are wondering why I am I putting some kinda leaves into my drink....

So awesome right? :D

My second try on the mint drink....
It tasted better  though :D

Here's how the inside looks like...It tastes really good~ :P
But here's the scoop~

I made a honey mint mojito as a test run~
And it taste really good too without the lime of course~
And heck it's damn easy to make~!
So try it out here's the recipe~

4-5 mint leaf's
1 Lime *cut them into wedges*
1/3 Sugar syrup
1/2 can of soda water
Ice-cubes *it doesn't matter how many u put in but make sure it's enough~

So give me reviews on how it taste like after u have made it yea~! Ciao~ ;3

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