Thursday, December 2, 2010

~A new day with new drinks~

Wooooooo~! We had ppl from UCSI show us how to make awesome drinks that we'll never regret!!!! :D

I loved it soooo much till I decided to try them out at home~! :DD

The first one they showed us was some mint flavored drink~ It was soooo damn delicious~

Alrite enuf of the empty talks and letme show u the drinks it's rely awesome~

It looks awesome btw it's mint leaves in case u are wondering why I am I putting some kinda leaves into my drink....

So awesome right? :D

My second try on the mint drink....
It tasted better  though :D

Here's how the inside looks like...It tastes really good~ :P
But here's the scoop~

I made a honey mint mojito as a test run~
And it taste really good too without the lime of course~
And heck it's damn easy to make~!
So try it out here's the recipe~

4-5 mint leaf's
1 Lime *cut them into wedges*
1/3 Sugar syrup
1/2 can of soda water
Ice-cubes *it doesn't matter how many u put in but make sure it's enough~

So give me reviews on how it taste like after u have made it yea~! Ciao~ ;3

Friday, October 29, 2010


I know it's rather late~ okay maybe verrryyyy late for me to post this...but who can help it? hehehe

Anyways here's the bit of my myside~

The pic is kinda small coz I was rely high up on the stands/podium whichever u call it (damn D;)

She looks rely good here(only in photos though) ;P

Ah the guitarist...
According to a little bird this guy was super awesome~ XD
Singer+ Guitarist 4ever~ Awwww

The whole stage from the top~!

Awesome ain't it? :D

Don't be jealous~ Be FABULOUS~ ;D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~Bye Bye social life and hel lo Books~

This is how my life ended up Before PMR....

This here is to make me NOT fall asleep reading SEJ....

Next we have cookies which are supposed to help deal with my hunger ;D

OKay the Last Item/Food isssss.....

Yummm want more?
Oops hehe too bad just ate one coz I'm hungreh...;P

Well it ain't that nice being a potato couch but who can help it? it's sooo much fun to laze around! ;D

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~Some Luck~ =.=

Today was a horrible day! U wanna know WHY????? 

Well it started off with this morning when I was rushing for tuition..(I know sad sad me) 
Went into the car and (well if u wanna get in the car u ought to lift ur leg up rite?) felt something literally poking me with a sharp needle...Then (I was wearing jeans at the time) when I rolled up my left leg of my jeans(guess what I saw!) I saw A FREAKIN BIG TARANTULA! (Not funny) 

This was how big and black it was

The day before the TARANTULA BIT ME I had a cut like a knife had sliced my knee and was bleeding!!!(god knows where that cut came from) 

So you can imagine "Some Luck" I had during those two awfully painful days...><

Friday, March 19, 2010

~ҟօɾҽɑղʂ ɑղժ ϲմӀէմɾҽ~

ì հɑѵҽ ɑӀաɑվʂ Ӏօѵҽժ ҟօɾҽɑղʂ էհҽվ ɑɾҽ հɑաէէ...:3

աҽӀӀ ƒօɾ ʍվ ʍɑէҽ ϲհɾìʂէìҽ հҽɾҽ'ʂ ահɑէ ʂհҽ ϲɑӀӀʂ հҽɾ հմʂҌɑղժ...

աҽӀӀ քɾɑϲէìϲɑӀӀվ վҽʂ ʂհҽ'ʂ ϲɾɑՀվ ƒօɾ հìʍ ɑղժ ʂɑվʂ ҟìʍ Ҍմʍ'ʂ ղɑʍҽ ɑӀʍօʂէ ҽѵҽɾվժɑվ...ահìϲհ աìӀӀ ʍɑҟҽ հҽɾ ցìցցӀҽ =ք

ɑղվաɑվʂ ҟօɾҽɑ ìʂ ղօէ ʂմϲհ ɑ Ҍɑժ քӀɑϲҽ ì ʂհմժ էհìղҟ ɑʂ աҽ ɑɾҽ ցօղղɑ հҽɑժ էօ ҟօɾҽɑ ժմɾìղց էհҽ ʂքɾìղց էìʍҽ!

ҽѵҽղ էհօմցհ էհҽìɾ ցօօժҌվҽʂ ɑɾҽ ɾҽɑӀӀվ աҽìɾժ Ҍմէ էհҽìɾ ʂϲҽղҽɾվ ɑɾҽ ղօէ Ҍɑժ

ահҽɾҽ էհҽ հҽӀӀ ժìժ էհɑէ ահìէҽ ցӀօѵҽժ հɑղժ ϲօʍҽ ƒɾօʍ?? օ.օ

Ҍҽ ʍҽʂʍօɾìʂҽժ ɑէ էհҽ ҌҽɑմէìƒմӀ ʂϲҽղҽɾվ Ҍҽƒօɾҽ մɾ ҽվҽʂ!!! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lattes can be likeable in many ways...
Not all lattes are from starbucks...

Some people prefer homemade kind of lattes....
Such as....

Lattes can be made everywhere....
But only some of them succeeds in making the best lattes in the world!

But some of these cafe's have a very good reputation be cause of their creativity...
Such as....

But unlike some which uses petty cups without saucers...
Are very much like to succeed...


That's about it for latte craps...
 No milk? 
No latte...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

~How friendship is formed~

One of the best things about being a friend is that you can always share almost everything and anything with that person...

Being a wonderful friend is the most essential thing anyone would ever want from a person they trust...
Let's be like these two...
 This is what unites them...
It's food!!!


So the only way to be a friend is to...

So let us be a wonderful friend and make this world a better one. =D
Here's a poem....
A friend should be radical
They should love you when you're unlovable
Hug you when you're unhuggable
And bear you when you're unbearable
A friend should be frantical
They should cheer when the whole world boos
Dance when you get good news
And cry when you cry too
But most of all a friend should be mathematical
They should multiply your joy
Divide your sorrow
Subtract the past
And add to tomorrow
 Calculate the need deep in your heart
And always be bigger than the sum of all your parts
 Here's a locket of friendship...

Always stay by your friends side no matter what....